• Greg Adamson
    GAICD, Enterprise Fellow Cyber Security, University of Melbourne, Chair, Special interest Group on Blockchain, IEEE

    25-years' global digital risk experience with financial services, academia and government, from cyber security to blockchain governance to professional ethics. Addressing difficult opportunities and new technology challenges.

  • Jeff Campbell
    Manager Technology, Horizon Power

    Jeff Campbell is the IT Security Risk and Governance Specialist with Horizon Power.  Jeff has more than 20 years’ experience in Information Security having worked in both private and government organisations in Education, Finance and Utilities sectors. 

    Having focussed on developing and implementing information security programs and controls, Jeff is tasked with enabling Horizon to capitalise on IoT opportunities while maintaining the core security basics of confidentiality, Integrity and availability. 

    As Horizon moves into the microgrids space, Jeff's main focus will be to ensure that the security architecture that supports these services provides safer and more reliable automation infrastructures.

  • Paul de Souza
    Founder and President, Cyber Security Forum Initiative USA

    Paul de Souza, Founder/President of CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative) and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division) and CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division).

    Paul is the co-author of the book Strategic Intelligence Management (National Cyber Defense Strategy), he serves as an advisor for the MCPA (Military Cyber Professionals Association), and he is a recipient of the Order of Thor Medal. Paul serves as a CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, and Intelligence & Organized Crime Research) Visiting Researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Guest Lecturer at The Swedish Defence University (SEDU) Försvarshögskolanand, Institute of World Politics Board of Advisors for The Cyber Intelligence Initiative (CII) Washington D.C., and served as a Visiting Research Fellow at the National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel (INSS) – Cyber Security and Military & Strategic affairs Programs.

    He is also an International Cyber Security & Intelligence Conference 2017 (ICSIC) Award Winner Recipient, Ontario, Canada. He served as a Federal Director of Training and Education for Norman Data Defense Systems, and he is also a faculty member at George Washington University, Washington D.C. Mr. de Souza has over 18 years of cyber security experience and has worked as the Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where he designed and approved secure networks for MSS (Managed Security Services). Mr. de Souza also worked for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and US Robotics as a security engineer. He has consulted for several governments, military organizations, and private institutions on best network security practices and has also presented in the countries of Estonia, Georgia, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Romania, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Turkey, as well as all across the United States.

    Some of his publications include: Internet and Internet Communication(s); Strategic Alliance Management – National Security Imperatives and Information and Communications Technologies. Mr. de Souza has a Masters in National Security Studies (MA) with concentration in Terrorism from American Military University, West Virginia WV.

  • Priya George
    Chief Executive Officer, NIMIS

    Priya George, cofounder and CEO of NIMIS Cybersecurity. NIMIS is a Techstars backed company that has built the world’s first artificial intelligence based web application penetration testing platform. Her team has worked in cyber operations in Australian and U.S. Defence Intelligence, banks and technology companies.

    Prior to NIMIS, Priya was the CEO of Necessary Security & National Cybersecurity Institute a security consulting company focused on security architecture, and evaluating new emerging cybersecurity technology products suited for clients.

    Priya spent the first 13 years of her career leading significant transformation projects in technology, organisational restructure, and people engagement. Industries she has worked in include mining, energy, water, financial services, technology and government. Priya has also developed and co-founded an analytics and video software company that came out of two years of technology research and development as part of a motorsport business.

    She has a passion for cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, technology, classic cars, motorsport, good food, animals, and the beach.

  • Lidia Giuliano
    Information security specialist ,

    Lidia Giuliano has 15 years’ experience in Information Security. She has strong interest in vulnerability management, data security and malware analysis with a focus on defensive security. She holds a BAppSci in CS and a MAppSci in IT from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia.

    In her personal time, she enjoys mentoring, believes in giving back to the Information Security community and researching new areas for continued education.

  • Damien Manuel
    Cyber Security Research and Innovation Centre (CSRI), Deakin University

    Damien has a proven track record of successfully driving and implementing technology, cultural, policy and process changes in a diverse range of enterprises from retail and government through to the financial sector. Damien is able to communicate, influence and work effectively with all levels of stakeholders (CXO level through to technical staff). This is evidenced by his ability to identify, quantify and clearly articulate business problems combined with his skills at developing initiatives which address core business issues and challenges.

    Damien's outstanding interpersonal, communication and management skills coupled with a focus on key business drivers ensures business objectives are successfully delivered.

    Underpinning this experience is a diverse educational grounding ranging from the highest security, audit and governance certifications complemented by an Executive MBA with an international business focus.

  • Ty Miller
    Director, Threat Intelligence

    Over the past decade, Ty Miller has developed an impressive portfolio demonstrating his vast experience and accomplishments. This has allowed him to become a well-known and highly respected specialist within the IT Security industry, not only in Australia but around the world. As a result, Threat Intelligence has experienced great success and has attracted top quality talent to join the team from Australia and internationally, who get invited to present and run training at conferences including Black Hat, AppSec, Defcon, Bsides, Ruxcon and Hack In The Box.

    He has trained up the likes of FBI, US Department of Defence, US Military, Australian Taxation Office, international Government agencies, and the top technology and security companies, including Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Juniper, Cisco, Yahoo, VMware, and Tripwire.
    Ty was selected amongst a team of Australia’s leading security specialists to establish and run the CREST penetration testing exams as the standard for Australian and New Zealand. This appointment includes leading the CREST Assessor Team and holding a position on the Board of Directors of CREST Australia and New Zealand to further define the strategic direction of CREST.

    Ty holds a position on the Black Hat Asia Review Board to identify the highest quality speakers and presentations for the Black Hat security conference held in Singapore.
    Ty is a co-author of the highly popular security book "Hacking Exposed Linux 3rd Edition", has developed a cutting edge attack technique that allowed him to remotely bypass all security controls to attack internal servers from the Internet, and has been engaged to enhance some of the most elite specialist security products with his advanced attack concepts and skills, including developing the “DNS Covert Channel” feature of the highly popular commercial exploit framework “Core IMPACT”.

  • Carlo Minassian
    Founder, LMNTRIX

    LMNTRIX is led by Carlo Minassian who has deep expertise in enterprise security, security-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud industries and a passion for fundamentally improving network security.

    Carlo Minassian is a widely recognized pioneer in information security, and a serial entrepreneur of security-as-a-service companies. Today Carlo is the founder and CEO of LMNTRIX, an innovative security company that integrates deep expertise with cutting-edge technology, leading intelligence, and advanced analytics to detect and investigate threats with great speed, accuracy, and focus. Carlo’s passion is the building of companies that deliver security as an outcome by unlocking the power of security technology combined with cloud solutions and deep security expertise.

    Prior to founding LMNTRIX, Carlo was founder and CEO of the Gartner leading MSSP earthwave, where over a 13 year period he was responsible for the vision and growth of earthwave prior to its acquisition by Dimension Data. He joined Dimension Data as Group GM and later as Technical Director, and over the next 3 years globalized the earthwave capability prior to leaving Dimension Data in 2016 to startup LMNTRIX.

  • Chris Mohan
    General Manager – Security Controls & Threat Research and Intelligence, Telstra

    Constantly learning and adapting to cyber security’s humanistic and technical challenges. Working with people, businesses, boards, security experts and the non-tech savvy to show pragmatic security is possible.

    A cyber security professional possessing wide and varied experience in the use, impact, engagment and management of cyber security. This has allowed businesses, across various business sectors, to understand the risks, technology changes and people interaction needed to operate - with reasonable and effective security - in this digitial age.

    Chris’ career has had him fighting in the front-line trenches and battling in boardrooms to instil solid, intelligent, and practical security practices and controls that are relevant to the business and its needs.

    A hands-on problem solver with a high rate of achievement and an appetite for new challenges.

  • Chris Monk
    Head of Region (APAC), Decoded

    Chris is an Economist by training having achieved a First Class degree from UCL but his true passion is in the world of technology, software development, the internet of things and cybersecurity all wrapped up in a bundle of a passion to educate.
    Chris began his career building software for a large merchant bank before moving out of the city to build his first business in the events industry as a way of experiencing something different and gaining vital and in depth experience of people management, sales and running an enterprise.
    In 2013 Chris returned to the world of technology by leading one day transformational courses for the award winning company Decoded. Chris joined the permanent team at Decoded in December 2013 where he worked cross-functionally to bring structure to the operational side of the business as well as working closely with clients to build bespoke learning experiences.

    In May 2015 Chris began focussing his attention on expanding the business in the Asia-Pacific region and in January 2016 he moved to Sydney to continue his work as Head of Region (APAC).

    In Sydney Chris heads up a team of permanent staff and freelance facilitators to educate some of the world’s largest corporations about all things technology.

    Chris is an accomplished keynote speaker and is available for conference engagements around technology and cyber-security.

  • Stuart Mort
    Director Cyber Security, Optus

    Stuart has 25 years of experience working in Security, from Special Duties operational work with the British Government through to heading an international security consultancy team, and then spending 12 years as Oracle’s Global Vice President of Information Security, a CISO role with the group reporting independently to President-level with full cross-corporate oversight.

    Now with Optus Business, Stuart is the subject matter expert, trusted advisor and thought leader across a wide customer base, bringing his experience to guide and aid customers in uplifting their security to address the threats of today and tomorrow.

    As well as being a keen triathlete, having represented Australia at Age Group Level at the World Championships, Stuart is a Full Member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals, holds a Master of Laws and has served as an Expert Witness in a variety of Court cases.

  • Sharmila Packiaraja
    NT Branch Chair
    Australian Information Security Association
  • Manan Qureshi
    Head of Cyber Resilience, Riyad Bank

    Manan is a senior global Cyber/Organizational Resilience, Information Security, GRC executive with over 14+ years of experience leading teams delivering strategic and operational cyber security, business continuity and disaster recovery services to financial institutions and customers worldwide.

    In his past tenures he has been based in Singapore & APAC, Europe, Middle East and North America with firms like Accenture, KPMG, Devoteam, HSBC and SocGen and currently manages Cyber + Organizational resilience across operations in North America, UK, Middle East and Singapore.

    Manan has been involved in managing service lines, recruiting, growing and retaining talent and introducing innovation across projects of a geo-diverse nature spread across diverse legal and technical jurisdictions.

    He is known for his technical brilliance and ability to communicate and deliver to internal and external clients at all levels.

    Manan is a thought leader, international speaker and an evangelist on Cyber Resilience, Organizational Resilience and GRC as well as innovative and disruptive technologies.

  • Sandra Ragg
    Head, Office of the Prime Minister’s Cyber Security Special Adviser, Lead Cyber Resilience Taskforce
    Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Pooja Sharma
    Cyber Security Policy Consultant
    Commonwealth Bank Australia
  • The Hon. Angus Taylor MP
    Member for Hume, Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security

    Angus entered politics in 2013 when he was elected as the Liberal Federal Member for Hume in NSW.

    Building on his background in economics, Angus was appointed to parliamentary committees on employment, trade and investment, and public accounts. He was also chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties.
    Angus was promoted to Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister with special responsibility for Cities and Digital Transformation in February 2016. He was reappointed to the frontbench after the 2016 Federal election.

    Angus’ portfolios stretch across the whole of government to improve city liveability and tackle long standing issues of traffic congestion, housing affordability and the need to create jobs closer to where people live. He has a focus on regional cities and outer suburban cities.
    With a passion for cutting edge technology and the benefits for citizens of the digital age, Angus authored an essay The Promise of Digital Government which was published by the Menzies Research Centre in 2016. 

    He has gained a reputation amongst his constituents as a keen problem solver, focusing in his electorate on growth opportunities for regional communities and improving telecommunications.

    Prior to entering parliament in 2013 Angus was a Director at Port Jackson Partners where he was a strategy and business advisor on the resources, agriculture, energy and infrastructure sectors. Prior to this he was a partner at global consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

    Angus has a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours and University Medal) and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of Sydney. He also has a Master of Philosophy in Economics from Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. His thesis was in the field of competition policy.
    In his private capacity Angus has founded or advised a number of small, fast growing start-up businesses, particularly in the agriculture sector.

    He lives at Goulburn with his wife Louise and their four children.

  • Fred Thiele
    Chief Information Security Officer, Velocity Frequent Flyer

    Fred Thiele is a career-long information security professional that was fortunate enough to discover the field in 1998. He currently protects the data of over 8 million Australian’s as the CISO and Transformation Programme Director of Velocity Frequent Flyer. 

    Fred has spent his work-life in large enterprises, mid-sized consulting firms, small startups, and as an entrepreneur, across all areas of information security. In the last decade, Fred has built, operated, and maintained 5 multi-million dollar security operations centres on 3 continents, taking customers from zero capability, to 24x7x365 operations. Most recently, Fred led the build of the cyber security centre for the Commonwealth Bank which included the incident response, intelligence, orchestration, and analytics teams.

  • Craig Valli
    Director of ESU Security Research Institute, Edith Cowan University

    Craig’s diverse career has evolved from working within the secondary education sector to his currently position as the Director of ECU’s Security Research Institute and Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

    His area of expertise is cyber security, an area that has rapidly developed in both importance and relevance over the last 20 years as we become increasingly dependent on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to run our economies and many facets of everyday life.
    Craig has worked in the ICT education and research sector his entire life. Initially within the secondary sector teaching ICT across a period of 12 years. In addition to this in 1995 Craig was part owner and director of one of Perth’s first Internet Service providers (Global Data Access). Focusing on a new direction in his career he re-entered postgraduate study in 1999 at ECU, completed a Masters of Management Information Systems (Deans List) in 2000 and then started his Doctorate. Shortly thereafter hejoined ECU’s School of Management Information Systems as Lecturer (Computer Security) and in 2007  became Head of the School of Computer and Information Science which in 2009 became the School of Computer and Security Science. That same year Craig became a  Professor of Digital Forensics and ECU was recognized by the Australian Computer Society as being a Centre of Expertise in Security.

    In 2012 Craig became Director of the ECU Security Research Institute (ECU SRI).

    Given his extensive experience in the IT industry, Craig regularly consults with industry and government, focusing on securing networks and critical infrastructures, detection of network borne threats, forensic analysis of cyber security incidents, network security and digital forensics. 
    He has an active research profile with in excess of 100 publications to his name.

  • Paul Ward
    Assistant Director, Cyber Fusion Center, INTERPOL

    Paul is currently seconded to the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation from the UK National Crime Agency (NCA).

    Paul has 30 years UK law enforcement experience predominately in investigative roles leading pro-active national and international investigations against organised crime groups.

    In 2005 Paul joined the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) Cyber Department. During his tenure he led major cyber investigations before moving to a cyber intelligence role. Paul was promoted to the Head of Cyber Intelligence for SOCA and on commencement of the National Crime Agency he developed and led the NCA’s proactive Cyber Intelligence function. Paul holds an MSc in Cybercrime investigation and has been the UK national policing representative for the G7 High Tech Crime Sub-Group.

  • Skye Wu
    Lead Discovery Analyst, Telstra

    Skye is a Lead Discovery Analyst with the Discovery team in Cyber Security at Telstra; helping to develop the Discovery capability. She began her career as a Digital Forensic Analyst with the Victoria Police over 10 years ago specialising in assisting with police investigations through digital forensics analysis and presentation of digital evidence in court.

    Wanting to expand her knowledge and expertise, Skye moved into the consulting world working for large and small firms specialising in eDiscovery, forensic services and investigations.

  • Steve Zezos
    Manager Security Discovery